He previously said "Bitcoin" was his safe word.

Call and Response

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey had an incredibly weird exchange on Thursday.

It all started when Dorsey mysteriously tweeted "'crypto'" — yes, including the quote marks — to which Musk quickly replied, "That’s my safe word too."

Market Manipulation

A "safe word," for context, refers to a word or signal typically used during sex and within the BDSM community to stop a sexual situation.

Unsurprisingly, since the back and forth, the price of Bitcoin has risen slightly, although it was already on a modest upward trajectory. So if the exchange was an attempt at juicing the Bitcoin market for small gains, it was a pretty underwhelming attempt.

Musk's tweets have caused huge crypto fluctuations before. Maybe he's losing his ability to shock traders — or maybe his BDSM-flavored riff with Dorsey was just too ambiguous to move any markets.

Bitcoin or Crypto?

Musk followers might remember that the billionaire had previously tweeted "Bitcoin is my safe word" back in December. That begs the deadly serious question: Why did Musk change his safe word? Did Grimes have something to do with this? The people need answers.

Of course, this is most likely just some classic Elon meme posting. Though now that he’s posted about it twice, we’re beginning to wonder if the SpaceX chief believes that the B in BDSM stands for "Bitcoin."

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