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Definition of Burn

While the Twitter world waits for owner Elon Musk's next controversial decree, the trolling geniuses behind the Merriam-Webster dictionary's social presence have provided some much-needed comedic relief.

"People who subscribe to Merriam-Webster Red™ will get exclusive access to the real definitions," the famous dictionary's account tweeted — a clear dunk on Twitter Blue, the infamous subscription service that may soon be the sole determinator as to whether someone can get a blue verification checkmark.

Musk's Twitter Blue gambit once again made headlines this week after the site owner announced that soon, only those who subscribe to the paid service will be able to be featured in the social network's "For You" suggestions and vote in polls (after near-universal condemnation, he walked it back slightly).

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that the site will begin removing verification from "legacy" verified accounts, or those who got their blue checkmarks from the admittedly fraught system that was in place before Musk took over the site.

Future Tense

As you can imagine, both of these announcements have been met with serious pushback, and perhaps as a half-baked prophecy, Merriam-Webster also joked about a rollback of its own, too.

"It has been brought to our attention that we've been giving everyone the real definitions since 1828," the follow-up tweet read. "Merriam-Webster Red™ has been discontinued."

The jokes didn't stop there, though. When someone asked whether they'd get their $8 back, the account responded with the Merriam-Webster dictionary link to the word "NO" — a clear dig at Musk's mercurial and cash-grabby management strategy.

This is, of course, far from the first time Merriam-Webster's social media manager has garnered press for being hilarious — but we must admit, this one was particularly tickling.

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