"This is so lame."

Big Mad

Elon Musk's latest Twitter gambit is so convoluted, even some of his biggest fans hate it.

After announcing that Twitter would soon only allow verified accounts onto Twitter's "For You" suggestions feed — and for some reason to vote in polls — folks began coming out of the woodwork to condemn it, including serious Musk fanboys.

"The is the only realistic way to address advanced AI bot swarms taking over," the billionaire tweeted. "It is otherwise a hopeless losing battle."

Even the mega-stanning account Whole Mars Catalog seemed pretty peeved by the decision.

"Sounds like it will make the feed a lot more lame," tweeted the account, which has historically been deeply pro-Musk.

Out of the Woodwork

Whole Mars wasn't alone in decrying Musk's latest crash grab on the failing Twitter.

"This is so lame," one youthful Tesla owner said in the replies to Musk's tweet announcing the change. "Come on…."

Another fanboy — this one with a pretty substantial follower base and a Twitter Blue subscription to boot — seemed irked for his fellow aspirational influencers.

"I don’t understand this decision [to be honest]," tweeted YouTuber Florin Pop. "Isn’t this going to make it nearly impossible for non-verified users to grow an audience on Twitter?"

Even the Musk-stanning memesters got in on the action, with one seeming to point out that the now-Twitter owner himself has a "legacy" blue verification checkmark.

As with other times Musk has alienated his fanbase, there's not a lot of hope that any of these folks will actually jump ship from Twitter — or from their fandom — but at least it's kind of funny to watch some of his chorus of yes-men start grumbling.

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