It'll keep your sandwich warm while you get your game on.

Chair Man

McDonald's has come up with a hideous gaming chair called the "McCrispy," which features "stain-proof leather" and even a fry holster — a wretched and seemingly ill-advised attempt to cash in on the popularity of e-sports.

The McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair also can hold stow your drink as well as two dips. It even features a "hot box to keep your McCrisp1y warm while gaming," according to a press release.

Yes, we wish were making this up. It's an abomination that reminds us of the Segway-like chairs featured in Pixar's "WALL-E." Sure, there's nothing wrong in indulging in some trashy fast food — but do they really have to pander this hard to a demo that sounds, frankly, horrifying?

Grease Magnet

The chair was first advertised by the chain on its official UK Facebook page on Monday.

To keep the monstrosity clean, customers can also access a "built-in napkin holder" that features "two reusable napkins with McCrispy branding."

The stain-proof leather will not only ward off greasy fingerprints and Coke spills, it'll also make sure particularly sweaty gamers don't leave a permanent imprint after a long gaming session.

In summary, the chair leaves us with one glaring question: has humanity really sunk this low? Will gamers really be lining up for this atrocity?

In case you are indeed interested, you'll have to act quick: the franchise is only giving away a single chair as part of the promotion.

Now, excuse us while we get a Clorox wipe.

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