Vladimir Adrian via Pixabay/Tag Hartman-Simkins
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“Eggless” Eggs Made From Plants Land First Fast Food Deal

byKristin Houser
7. 26. 19
Vladimir Adrian via Pixabay/Tag Hartman-Simkins

Look out, fake meat. Plant-based eggs are coming for you.

Rise and Shine

Plant-based proteins have already made their way into your favorite late-night snacks. Now they’re coming for your breakfast.

According to a new CNBC story, Canadian chain Tim Hortons has struck a deal with JUST Inc. to start selling the company’s plant-based eggs in select restaurants — making it the first major fast-food chain to take a chance on the chicken-less eggs.

Mung Pao Chicken

Mung beans are the primary protein in JUST Eggs, which the company claims on its website scramble up just like chicken eggs — no surprise, then, that Tim Hortons plans to use them for omelettes.

However, don’t expect to see the plant-based eggs showing up in any of the chain’s muffins or Timbits: JUST Inc. does not recommend using them for baking.


Meat Market

This isn’t Tim Hortons’ first foray into plant-based meat.

The company started selling sandwiches containing Beyond Meat’s imitation breakfast sausage in May. Then, in July it began offering customers two burgers made with Beyond Meat’s plant-based patties.

In a statement shared with CNBC, Tim Hortons spokeswoman Jane Almeida also didn’t rule out adding more alt-meat foods to the menu — another sign that the plant-based protein revolution may be just beginning.

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