These 50 jobs are practically automation-proof.

Tomorrow's Tasks

Robots are coming for our jobs. Well, some of our jobs, anyways.

While some experts focus on the occupations expected to fall to automation, IT firm Cognizant has identified 50 "jobs of the future" poised to thrive in the future. And now, you can keep an eye on these promising careers via the company's job tracker.

Detective Work

Cognizant's job tracker measures the change in demand for 50 jobs. It determines demand by looking at the number of posted job openings, data it draws from Burning Glass, an analytics company focused on the labor market.

Of the 50 jobs Cognizant tracks, 45 actually exist today, such as data scientist and aerospace engineer. The other five are "proxy" jobs, jobs that represent occupations the company expects will emerge in coming years.

To measure the demand growth for these proxy jobs, Cognizant determined which current jobs could evolve into its imagined ones. For example, it looks at today's demand for actors, choreographers, and set designers when calculating the demand for the proxy job "augmented reality journey builder."

Career Day

As far as trends in Cognizant's jobs of the future, you'll probably be pretty secure in your career if you know how to work with algorithms, automation, and AI. Healthcare, finance, and legal services seem like a safe bet, too, as do jobs in fitness and wellness.

Of course, even the most skilled robot can't predict the future with 100 percent certainty (yet), but at least Cognizant's job tracker can give us a general sense of what jobs might be in demand.

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