Jay Inslee's plan would end government subsidies while supporting workers.

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Democratic presidential candidate Jay Inslee just announced a broad plan to take down the fossil fuel industry piece by piece.

Inslee's package of policy proposals, titled "Freedom from Fossil Fuels" would take drastic action to fight the fossil fuel industry and rapidly transition the U.S. to 100 percent renewable energy, reports Earther. It's an ambitious bid — akin to U.S. Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal and Senator-slash-presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren's climate proposals — to get the country on track to prevent the most disastrous effects of global climate change.

The Nitty-Gritty

First and foremost, Inslee's plan would end government subsidies for any fossil fuel company thus ending the lifeline that would let unprofitable coal mines die out.

Inslee would also impose new fines on polluters, ban fossil fuel exports, and prevent the industry from using public lands. All along the way, Inslee told Earther he would provide pensions, job training, and healthcare to the workers of these companies as they find new jobs.


Finally, Earther reports that Inslee would create a new government agency, the "Office of Environmental Justice," that would be tasked with going toe-to-toe with fossil fuel companies that have been ignoring existing laws and getting off scot-free.

"As far as compliance, I would consider it an American tradition that everybody has to comply with the law," Inslee told Earther. “Right now, we’re not requiring these industries comply with regulations."

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