There's just one catch.

Great Scott

The engineers behind the popular YouTube account Hacksmith Industries have created a functional hoverboard that actually lifts off the ground using magnets — and isn't some marketing stunt or hoax, like hoverboard projects of yesteryear.

But it's not exactly the hoverboard from the 1989 sci-fi flick "Back to the Future Part II." It needs to be hovering over a sheet of steel to work, for starters — and it's not the safest way to get around, as it frequently catches fire.

Freakin' Magnets

Hacksmith Industries have already made a name for themselves on the video sharing platform by building an adorable mini Cybertruck that can drift, and even a functioning plasma-powered lightsaber that can cut metal.

The hoverboard project was taken on by Hacksmith Industries intern and Canadian engineering student Jimmy Zhou. Zhou spent several months working on the technology behind the hoverboard. "He drank more Red Bulls than a frat house on spring break," Hacksmith Industries founder James Hobsen recalled in the video.

To get the board to hover, the team installed eight spinning magnets to create a powerful magnetic field, which would cause the steel floor to generate an opposing magnetic field, pushing back on the board.

Cold Snaps

It's an impressive feat, especially considering the board doesn't need to be cryogenically chilled with liquid nitrogen, as was the case for carmaker Lexus's hoverboard from back in 2015, as Nerdist points out.

There's one big downside to the Hacksmith's board, though. The electrical currents put out a lot of heat, which caused the board to abruptly catch fire several times during the testing process.

So if you ever find yourself being chased by some futuristic cyberpunk bullies, make sure to bring a fire extinguisher.

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