This tiny Cybertruck has more torque than a Ford F-150 pickup.

Cybertruck Kart

YouTubers from the account "The Hacksmith" have built a half-scale Cybertruck, the stainless steel monstrosity Tesla first showed off in November.

In a new update video uploaded Thursday, the team can be seen whipping around a snowy parking lot in the tiny vehicle.

Small yet Mighty

The Canadian team of engineering enthusiasts constructed the adorable miniature out of the skeleton of a golf cart. They slapped on a powerful all-wheel electric drivetrain featuring three motors for killer performance.

According to the team, the mini Cybertruck has 50 percent more torque than a 5-liter F-150 pickup truck.

Sections of the Cybertruck's "exoskeleton" had to be plasma cut and welded together out of almost 300 square feet of stainless steel.

Fun Size

The vehicle can barely fit two adults, in an almost entirely horizontal position with foot pedals placed right behind the front bumper. In other words, this thing wouldn't pass inspection in a million years.

The scaled down truck appears essentially finished except for the interior. The team is planning to plant an iPad on the dashboard to replicate its big brother's massive 17 inch touchscreen console.

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