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Weightlessness Machine

There are a handful of ways to experience weightlessness. You can jump out of a plane, go on a zero-g "vomit comet" ride — or, of course, launch into space.

Now there might be a much easier alternative as well. In a new video, inventor and popular YouTuber Colin Furze built an oversized counterweight arm to offset almost all his body weight. By strapping himself to the very end of the arm, Furze was able to jump dozens of feet into the air and even perform flips as if he was on the Moon.

Footage shows him spinning and clearing enormous obstacles. Even jumping from the roof of his barn was a breeze thanks to the one metric ton counterweight gently depositing him back on the ground.

"I can do handstands, I can float around, I can do somersaults, this is just amazing," he exclaimed in the video.

Fun for the Whole Family

Furze's innovation is well thought-out. Thanks to a controllable hydraulic ram, the length of the entire arm can be shortened or lengthened depending on the user's body weight. In other words, it can allow practically anybody to have a swing at it without risking being catapulted into the air.

In the video, the YouTuber put his latest invention to the test, performing giant leaps to tall stacks of pallets and even wall running on a sheet of plywood being held up nearby by a cherry picker.

"The more I mess around on this, the better I get at it, and this basically is just a lot of fun," Furze said in his video. "I don't know if it translates on camera as to how much fun it actually is to be in this thing."

And we have no trouble at all believing him.

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