This might be the most unholy use of robotics tech yet.

Air Pump

Good news for people who want to have sex with something that seems kind of like a human but isn't: a sex robot company is building new models with chest cavities that give them the ability to "breathe."

AI-AItech, the sex robot company behind a talking sexbot named "Emma," is working on a new model that can control its limbs like a person and "breathe" air in and out, according to the tabloid Daily Star Online. While that's sure to be exciting news for people who want to get as real an experience as possible out of their sex robots, it also raises an important question: how did we fall this far from grace?

Sex Algorithms

A number of sexbot companies are working to build more technologically-advanced models, according to Daily Star. Sam White, a manager at the sex doll research and development firm Cloud Climax, told the tabloid that the firm works with multiple contractors that "are working on arm movements," including AI-AItech.

But he seemed most excited about the upgrades coming to Emma: "Eventually Emma will be able to move her arms and have a chest cavity that 'breathes'. Further still, she will be able to use her legs and walk."

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