They hired people in Serbia to train the algorithm.

The artificial intelligence revolution is coming to a sex toy shop near you — if you're into that kind of thing.

Sex toy outfit Autoblow is taking pre-orders for its fourth-generation "Autoblow" device, dubbed "Autoblow AI," which promises to harness the power of AI to provide users with the "perfect blowjob," according to the company.

Worryingly, you'll have to plug the gadget into an outlet. Autoblow says its AI was trained by a group of people in Serbia, who used a specialized browser plugin to, uh, simulate the up and down movement using their mouse, as Engadget reports.

Autoblow used that training data to develop a deep learning algorithm that simulates the ideal oral sex experience. The result: patterns with lascivious names like "teasing slow stroke" and "intense edge." The cost of one of their newfangled blowjob machines: a measly $259 on Indiegogo.

The Autoblow AI isn't the only sex toy trying to leverage the power of AI for your pleasure. A vibrator called HUM, first released in 2014, billed itself as the first AI-powered sex toy, capable of adjusting its vibration patterns based on body movement.

That's the big-picture promise of this nascent AI sex toy industry: a do-it-yourself experience that makes decisions for you, instead of asking you to press buttons or adjust position. Is it a breakthrough or simply a gimmick to sell more units? Only time will tell.

The challenges are substantial. Everyone's body is different, and responds to stimulation in different ways. And masturbation, ultimately, is an act of self discovery, as Motherboard points out — something that a plug-and-play sex toy experience could detract from.

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