Or is the spaghetti eating him?


An absolutely deranged new video shows an AI's interpretation of famed actor — and noted slapper — Will Smith indulging in a bowl of spaghetti.

The clip, which went viral on the unofficial subreddit for AI image generator Stable Diffusion, shows a quickly morphing Smith struggling to keep his physical body contained as he tries to simulate the act of a human being eating a bowl of spaghetti.

In other words, it's truly the stuff of nightmares — which perfectly demonstrates the current, struggling reality of AI video generators.

Will Dente

The clip, shared by Reddit user chaindrop, makes use of a new AI model called Modelscape Text2video, which can generate entire video clips from simple text inputs. AI community website Hugging Face has a simple demo for the new tool if you want to give it a whirl.

For better results, however, users can download an early version of the tool, which was released just last week, to run it on their own machines.

Apart from Will Smith's ersatz body trying to engulf a forkful of spaghetti — not to mention the many watermarks popping in from stock photography websites — we've some plenty of other examples of users having fun with the new tool already, from an astronaut riding a horse and believable-looking animations, to a terrifying cowboy zombie eating body parts.

While it's an impressive new inflection point on the horizon for AI image generators, the results clearly still leave plenty to be desired. Even adjusting the original prompt to get a less nightmare-inducing clip of Smith eating spaghetti only ended up backfiring.

"Adding 'and meatballs' to the prompt did not help matters," one Reddit user replied, showing off a clip of an even more horrific Smith head emerging from a wriggling pile of meatballs.

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