His portfolio is up 24 percent since he began trading in June.

Spin the Wheel

Hamsters are typically boring (though adorable) pets parents buy their kids in lieu of a dog or cat. However, one hamster is making waves on the Internet for his savvy crypto trading — and he’s even got a modest following on Twitch.

Mr. Goxx is a Germany-based hamster who has been trading cryptocurrencies since June, according to Insider. Of course, the creature isn’t doing it all by itself, but rather through a rigged cage dubbed the "Goxx Box."

The contraption is fairly clever. The hamster first runs on an "intention wheel" that chooses one of 30 different cryptos to trade. Then Goxx runs through one of two "decision tunnels" that determine whether or not he will buy or sell the cryptocurrency in 20 euro increments. Of course, all of this is rigged to a computer. 

Investors’ Center

While it seems random and chaotic (which it is), Goxx’s portfolio is up roughly 24 percent — far outpacing the S&P 500 and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway over the same period. 

Goxx initially started his portfolio with the Euro equivalent of $390 in an exchange account, according to Protos. In September, the creature’s portfolio hit an all-time high of $580. However, the recent crypto dip hit his profits as well.  

Despite this, his anonymous caretaker (who is behind the whole operation) hopes to give Mr. Goxx even more investment opportunities in the future. 

"There are plans to give Mr. Goxx more control and let him intentionally pick his buy amount if the interest in his channel keeps growing," Goxx’s caretaker told Protos. 

Twitch Streaming Hamster

Want to see the financial mastermind in action? His caretaker has created a Twitch channel for the hamster in the vein of "Fish Plays Pokemon." There you can watch Goxx as he conducts his trades and adorably runs around his office. 

You can also follow him on Twitter where he regularly "posts" about his portfolio’s performance. 

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