It's the same crew that hacked the NFL last week.

Account Takeovers

Dubai-based hacking group OurMine has struck again, this time taking over social media giant Facebook's Instagram and Twitter accounts.

On Friday, the Instagram accounts for both Facebook and Messenger briefly displayed a photo of OurMine's logo — a particularly egregious hack, since Facebook owns Instagram.

Everything's Hackable

While in control of Facebook's Twitter accounts, OurMine posted a message claiming responsibility — and then reposted the message every time it was deleted.

"Hi, we are OurMine," the hackers wrote. "Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their security is better then [sic] Twitter."

Despite OurMine's claim that Facebook is hackable, the social network itself was apparently not compromised in this hack, according to BBC News.

Online Marketing

As was the case when OurMine recently hijacked the social media accounts of 15 NFL teams, each message posted to Facebook's accounts also included the hackers' contact information for anyone interested in beefing up their account security.

It's hard to know whether these high-profile account takeovers have actually resulted in anyone hiring OurMine. But if nothing else, the incidents have definitely drawn attention to the group — and confirmed that even tech giants are vulnerable to hacking.

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