Deeply unhinged.

Con Artist

File under groups of words we never thought we'd hear together, but yesterday a hacker broke into multiple official celebrity YouTube accounts to post a bizarre 50-second video supporting a man spending two years in prison because he faked having cancer.

Lost yet? A new Gizmodo report found that an "unauthorized source" accessed the accounts of superstars Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, Taylor Swift, Drake, Lil Nas X, Harry Styles, Michael Jackson, The Weeknd and Eminem. They then posted a video titled "Free Paco Sanz (ft. Will Smith, Chris Rock, Skinny flex & Los Pelaos)."

The hacker used the name "Los Pelaos" on Twitter. Their account is still up, at least for now. And Paco Sanz, it turns out, is a convicted swindlerwho was sentenced last year for lying about having 2,000 tumors in his brain. Los Pelaos' profile photo seems to be of Sanz wearing a device to help him breathe oxygen.

Your guess is as good as anyone's, but based on the video, which shows Sanz dancing and singing to a remix, it's pretty safe to assume whoever runs the account wants attention on Sanz's case.

Reality Check

Thought most of the videos have already been removed from the affected accounts, Los Pelaos says they're coming back for more.

"Give us ideas of possible platforms to hack. We do not attack governments, only private companies," they tweeted this morning.

How many people are involved in Los Pelaos, if they'll strike again, and what it is they want remains a mystery — but we'll be on the lookout for updates in this bizarre saga.

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