Every meal is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of the person eating it.


You'll need more than a reservation to dine at Sushi Singularity — you'll also need to be willing to share samples of your bodily fluids.

The futuristic restaurant, which is set to open in Tokyo in 2020, collects samples of reservation-holders' saliva, feces, and urine two weeks prior to their visits. Then it analyzes the samples to determine each diner's unique nutritional requirements, tailoring their meal to meet those needs.

"Hyper-personalisation will become common for future foods," Open Meals, the design studio behind the restaurant, told Dezeen. "Based on DNA, urine, and intestinal tests, people will each have individual health IDs."

Stunning Sushi

Not only will each meal be hyper-personalized, it will also be constructed using non-traditional tools, including a CNC machine and 3D printer.

"There will be 14 cylinders with different nutrients attached to the food-fabrication machine," Open Meals said, "and when it 3D prints a dish of sushi, for example, some nutrients that are necessary for the customer will be added automatically."

If the food Sushi Singularity serves is half as stunning as that featured in the restaurant's promo video, it'll be a futuristic feast for the eyes and tastebuds.

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