He called Twitter's version "the most offensive of all."

Grudge Match

A planetary scientist who used to work for NASA says he's determined which "ringed planet" emoji is the best.

James O'Donoghue, now working for Japan's space agency JAXA, published his definitive ranking on Twitter on Wednesday morning. In it, he called Twitter's attempt at Saturn "the most offensive" — while Whatsapp's emoji took the coveted top spot.

It's An Emoji

O'Donoghue based his rankings on which emojis were the most photorealistic depictions of Saturn, which is an unusual metric for emoji quality.

For example, Whatsapp and Apple took first and second, respectively, for their accurate patterns and coloration, appropriate spacing between rings, and nailing the angle of the planet's axis. Meanwhile, Twitter took the most artistic liberties with colors and ring patterns, landing it in dead last place.

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