Oh, and it's powered by hyrogen.


Israel startup Urban Aeronautics announced this week that it's partnering with hydrogen fuel cell maker HyPoint to devise a hydrogen-powered flying car.

And the sleek, retro design will look familiar to fans of the DeLorean Motor Company — or anyone who's seen the 1985 time travel blockbuster "Back to the Future," featuring one of the company's vehicles. Also, you know, it flies.


The view of the futuristic vehicle changes substantially depending on your angle.

From the side, the electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle looks like a smoothed-down version of a DMC DeLorean — but from above or below, it's clear that the car's front and rear are taken up by two enormous fans that provide lift. Another apparent DeLorean allusion: though it's unclear whether this version will include it, a previous design even included that vehicle's iconic gull-wing doors.

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