Interesting name choice.

Name Game

Thought you were up to date on the drama surrounding international busy guy Elon Musk's ever-expanding brood of offspring?

Well, you'd be wrong. A new revelation from biographer Walter Isaacson's upcoming book about Musk, courtesy of a new review in the New York Times: he has a third child with musician Claire "Grimes" Boucher in addition to the two we knew about, this one with the fictional-sounding name of Techno Mechanicus.

Sure, it's not the most normal moniker. But Musk's other kids with Grimes are named X Æ A-12 and Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, so in the grand scheme of things maybe this kiddo actually got off easy.

Family Business

Aside from a nickname — the child reportedly goes by Tau — the NYT review revealed little about this newly-revealed progeny.

Incredibly, though, it's not the first or even the second time that it's turned out Musk had a baby without bothering to tell anybody: back in 2022, a reporter heard an infant screaming during an interview with Grimes and it turned out to be a previously undisclosed baby, and later that same year it turned out that he'd had a pair of twins with an employee of his brain-computer interface company Neuralink, similarly without informing the public.

Exactly who Musk is linked to romantically these days is a bit hazy. Another tidbit from Isaacson's media tour has been a photograph of Musk hanging out with the aforementioned twins and their mother, but it seems as though the situation with Grimes may be ongoing as well: in July, the two were seen vacationing in Portofino with their sons, but this past week Grimes tweeted and then deleted a post claiming that Musk wasn't allowing her to visit her son (it's unclear which one.)

We'll stay tuned for further drama.

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