All right, that's intriguing.

Robotaxi Mode

Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally revealed why the Model 3 has a cabin-facing camera mounted above the rearview mirror: to make sure that "robotaxi" passengers don't vandalize the car when nobody's in the driver's seat.

Referring to the mysterious camera, Musk tweeted that "it's not turned on," in a Sunday tweet.

"Meant for vandalism monitoring in a robotaxi future," he added. "Also, the car has transparent windows, so spying has limited value."

Say Cheese!

There's been plenty of speculation about the passenger-facing cameras in the Model 3. Musk has previously hinted that it could be used as part of the "Caraoke feature," allowing drivers and passengers to record themselves singing along, as part of a software release from last year.

A Tesla patent application also hinted that the camera could be part of a "personalization system" that could adapt settings depending on who's sitting in the driver's seat.

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