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Elon Musk Fans Think His Meme Tweets Are Teasing a New Tesla

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Meme Lord

Anybody who follows Elon Musk on Twitter knows that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is an avid meme lord.

But now, some Musk-watchers are suggesting that his jokey feed could be his way of foreshadowing the debut of a new Tesla vehicle. In particular, Business Insider noticed, they’re pointing to a run of memes about bees as a sign that a “Tesla Model B” could be in the works.

Bee Movie

One joke, which caught flak in the British press, compared Queen Elizabeth II’s colorful outfits to those of the Teletubbies.

But Musk fans fixated on the use of a “bee” emoji in the tweets — to riff on “queen bee” and “teletub-bee” — as a sign that a Tesla Model B could be in development.

Another tweet the Elon fans took as evidence:

And one more:


One of Musk’s longstanding Tesla eccentricities is that the names of the company’s four announced lines — Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y — spell out the slangy adjective “S3XY.”

It’s not clear how a hypothetical Model B would fit into that — though Musk could conceivably use the unannounced vehicle to exhort his followers to “B S3XY.”

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