He's calling for a "literal dick measuring contest."

Playground Taunts

The fiery feud between Twitter CEO Elon Musk and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reached a sub-basement low after Musk tweeted that "Zuck is a cuck."

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg's Twitter clone Threads has mopped up a staggering 100 million users within just five days of its launch and Twitter's traffic is "tanking."

And because this era of late-stage capitalism isn't weird enough, eight hours later, Musk followed up his Sunday insult with the tweet: "I propose a literal dick-measuring contest."

In short, Musk is acting like a pre-pubescent child, who has lost at a game of Monopoly — a cringeworthy hissy fit that may have been intended as a joke, but arguably comes across as sheer desperation.

Billionaire vs Billionaire

Besides attacking him on Twitter, Musk has also threatened to sue Meta over Threads, saying the company hired Twitter employees to develop its text-based social media platform and stole its intellectual property.

When Musk made his dick comment, the usual peanut gallery on Twitter responded with shock and derision. One user tweeted: "Zuck’s meat was on his mind for eight hours I’m crying."

"Still amazed that in response to Twitter imploding and traffic plummeting because Meta launched Threads, a thoroughly humiliated Elon Musk's best rebuttal was that he see Mark Zuckerberg's dick," journalist Jordan Uhl tweeted. "Simply phenomenal."

For all of his childish, playful taunts, Musk is clearly threatened by the rise of Threads, which has quickly turned into a viable alternative for disenfranchised Twitter users who have long complained about Musk's erratic decision-making.

Will this be the last we hear from Twitter? Given the data we're seeing, Musk's platform is clearly bleeding traffic right now.

But Musk is not giving up without a fight — even if that fight involves an MMA-style cage match or a primary school-style "dick-measuring contest."

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