Do we really need this?

Brush AI

These days, it seems like every brand is trying to leverage machine learning to imbue their products with special powers — and, most importantly, make an extra buck in the process.

But does your next electric toothbrush really need a dose of AI? Oral-B's says its new $220 electric toothbrush, called "Oral-B GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence," will leverage data from sensors inside the brush head and Bluetooth to deliver AI-derived brushing tips through an app. The future is now, huh?

Big Tooth

The company claims to have learned how to brush teeth real good by "deepening our understanding of consumer behavior across 60 countries."

"Oral-B has created an algorithm from more than 2,000 brushing sessions to gain exclusive insights into brushing behaviors from around the world," reads an incredulous press release.

If that doesn't sound overbearing enough, it's at least a little simpler than having to set up your smartphone to literally watch you brush your teeth every time, like Oral-B's earlier attempt at leveraging "smart" tech from 2015.

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