"If [evidence of alien contact is] hidden, and it could be hidden, it's hidden really damn well."

Let's See Them Aliens

Is the U.S. government embroiled in a massive conspiracy to hide aliens from us? National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden says probably not.

In a conversation on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast — where else? — Snowden told Rogan that he "couldn't find anything," despite having "ridiculous access to the networks of the NSA, CIA, military, all these groups."

Damn Well

And if there are aliens that the government is hiding away from us, they're pretty well hidden.

"If it's hidden, and it could be hidden, it's hidden really damn well especially for people on the inside," Snowden said.

Rogan has discussed the topics with plenty of his guests in the past, including Bernie Sanders. In a conversation on Rogan's podcast in August, Sanders claimed he will help investigate Area 51 to reveal if there are indeed aliens there.

Permanent Record

Snowden has been living in Russia since 2013 after releasing highly classified information about the NSA and CIA's global surveillance program.

His book, "Permanent Record," was published on September 17, but was faced with a civil lawsuit by the Department of Justice the same day.

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