The editor complained about the Great Firewall — and was promptly censored for it.

Deleted Post

Hu Xijin, editor of the Chinese state-run Global Times newspaper, recently took to the microblogging site Weibo to rail against China's internet censorship.

But his post vanished shortly thereafter, according to Bloomberg. Whether the post was deleted for him or he was pressed to remove it, it's an ironic ending to Hu's call for greater connectivity, which he said in the post would help him do a better job as a journalist.

National Interest

Hu argued that greater connectivity to the outside world would benefit the country, especially in regards to scientific research and global communications, Bloomberg reports.

"Accessing external internet is extremely difficult as China’s National Day holiday is upcoming," Hu wrote. "Even Global Times’s work is being affected."

Tough Spot

Hu's been taking matters into his own hands as much as possible, per Bloomberg. He's reportedly been spending time in Hong Kong, an area with a stronger connection to the global internet, to cover ongoing protests against the government.

Whether China will let that fly is still unclear.

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