"I've never seen a jet suit, let alone one delivering pizzas."

Rocket Man

Domino's just delivered a pizza — by jetpack.

As The Independent reports, Domino's made the unconventional delivery at the famous Glastonbury music festival in England. And in what was definitely not an accident, the stunt coincided with "Rocket Man" singer Elton John's headlining performance.

"When we realized pitching up to serve slices inside the festival was impossible, we took inspiration from this year's headliner to launch our own rapid delivery trial — it was a bit of a no-brainer," Domino's assistant PR manager Sam Wilson told the Independent.

"Every year we see huge numbers of random requests from festival goers trying to sneak pizza into the party," Wilson added. "So, this year we wanted to... trial our very own rocket man service to help hungry campers get a slice of sky-high satisfaction in the future."

And we have to admit, the stunt was pretty awesome — down to the branded Domino's suit.

Bird, Plane, Pizza

According to the report, Glastonbury-goers were unsurprisingly impressed.

"Seeing a jet suit thing fly over Glasto was wild," festival attendee Natalie Dixon, who witnessed the event, told the Independent. "I've never seen a jet suit, let alone one delivering pizzas."

"I can't wait to see one land on my doorstep in the future," she added.

Questionable Scalability

A spokesperson for the company behind the stunt, jetpack firm Gravity Industries, admitted that the delivery was an "unusual utilization" of their suits, but said that pizza-by-jetpack could be the "future" of efficient delivery.

"Keeping pizza piping hot using the jet suit is definitely an unusual utilization of our tech and pizza isn't in our normal flight plan," the spokesperson told the Independent. "But being able to exceed the average delivery time by flying through the Somerset fields and feed campers with the pizza delivery experts certainly shows the future of fast delivery service."

To that point, though, considering that Gravity Industries' suits start at roughly $483,000 and can only carry two pizzas at once, it's not clear whether Domino's could feasibly adopt this delivery method at scale anytime soon.

But faced with the question, the pizzamaker chose to play things close to the vest, if you will.

"All we can say at this stage," the Domino's spokesperson told the Independent, "is that the idea has legs… or wings… or jets."

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