That's seriously messed up.

Not Funny

In what may be the least funny dad joke in history, one UK father is getting backlash online for tricking his family into thinking Russia launched a nuclear bomb attack. According to a report published in the New York Post this morning, the 32-year old convinced his family they were going to die because of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

"It went brilliantly. Beyond expectations," the father told the news service SWNS, as quoted by the Post.

His fiancé's brother posted a two-minute clip of the prank on Twitter, which shows the family watching a fake nuclear bomb alert on TV. It's designed to look like a real BBC news segment, with alarming red background. In the clip the man's fiancé gets distressed, clapping a hand over her mouth. A young child playing in pajamas tries to get his soon-to-be-stepmother's attention with a pillow, but can't distract her from the fear.

Close to Home

Twitter users were quick to give their thoughts on the vicious prank, including a few folks who felt the joke was inconsiderate to their own loved ones.

"Yeah because my family in Ukraine would find this hilarious right now while their home has been obliterated, their small children now have no home and friends/colleagues have been found dead. Get a grip," one user said under the original clip.

To be fair, the Post reports that the man's fiancé took the joke in stride after initially being upset.

"He’s lucky to still be alive, trust me," she told SWNS. "He nearly gave me a heart attack. I’ve watched it over and over because I keep laughing at myself. I’ll try and get him back with a prank but I don’t think anything can top him creating World War Three."

Let's hope the couple's ongoing prank war doesn't actually instigate real global conflict.

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