"I feared for my finger for a second, not gonna lie."

Getting Fingered

Apart from its disappointing range, glaring fit and finish issues, immobilizing software bugs, and bizarre design decisions, early reviewers of Tesla's Cybertruck also found that the lid of the vehicle's front trunk, or frunk, could easily mangle finger-shaped produce while closing.

Early videos showed testers sticking a hot dog or a carrot in the gap between the frunk's lid and its sharp stainless steel side panel — with horrifying results.

While Tesla claims to have addressed the glaring safety oversight with a software update, Tesla enthusiast and YouTuber Jeremy Judkins found in a new video that the frunk still has a tendency to chew up body parts — though not entire hands or bananas — leaving him with a visibly crushed index finger.

"I feared for my finger for a second, not gonna lie," Judkins admitted after the stunt. "That's kinda bad, and my finger is shaking."

The frunk's lid "kind of locked down on it and I was a little bit freaked out because I didn't know how to open it up," he added. "I was kind of trapped."

Just the Tip

It's not just Judkins — the EV maker's update proved enticing enough for other owners to risk their fingers in an attempt to gauge whether the issue had actually been fixed.

"Honestly, no issues," one TikTok user said, showing a light scuff running across the four fingers of his right hand after the door closed on it — despite begging his buddy to "open it up, open it up!" moments earlier.

Reviewers had already slammed Tesla for cheaping out over a force sensor that could detect misplaced bodily appendages, like on comparable vehicles.

In the release notes of its latest update, Tesla claimed that the Cybertruck's "powered frunk can better detect obstructions just before it finishes closing."

But from what we've seen, the frunk's lid may be slightly less of a death trap — but still a hazard nonetheless.

"It's fun to play around and stick various fruits and vegetables in the Cybertruck frunk, but the real world benefit was supposed to be increased safety," Judkins tweeted.

"While the Cybertruck update does protect your banana, your finger is still at risk," Judkins concluded in his video, with a chuckle. "They have work to do."

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