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Coronavirus Could Force Funerals to be Livestreamed

byJacob Banas
3. 5. 20
Victor Tangermann

Funeral directors are preparing to meet the demands of potential pandemic.

Digital Divide

How can you say goodbye to a loved one who fell victim to a pandemic?

The recent and ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has forced those in the funeral business to address some uncomfortable questions. In fact, in a statement to Sky News, the United Kingdom’s National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) said that in the event of a pandemic, memorial services may need to be held over the internet.

Mourning 2.0

Death during a crisis can be a logistical challenge. Whether families fear infection, or if the government you live under happens to ban public gatherings of a certain size — as happened recently in France and Switzerland — we all need to mourn.

The NAFD says it’s in “dialogue with the [UK] government and local authorities to seek early guidance on steps funeral directors may need to take in the event of a pandemic.”


New guidelines, based on the severity of local circumstances, would help families to plan funeral services for loved ones in a variety of ways, ranging from holding a separate memorial service later to livestreaming a service from a crematory facility.

Death Reimagined

Though NAFD’s conversations are preliminary, it’s a solemn reminder of a pandemic’s capacity to alter the reality of our world, even in death.

The ultimate goal of talks with the government, according to Sky News, would be to help “families who lose a loved one during [an outbreak] in finding meaningful ways to say goodbye — even if the funeral they would have preferred isn’t possible.”

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