"We don't really have any homework to be doing so far, so here we are waiting for the explosion."

Accidental Bomb

It's like something straight out of 60s "Batman."

A University of Delaware student "accidentally" created a small amount of a "shock-sensitive explosive chemical" in one of the university's labs, prompting the evacuation of several campus buildings on Wednesday, the Newark Post reports.

According to a school spokesperson, emergency officials were called in to deal with an "isolated hazardous materials situation related to an experiment."

It's unclear what the substance was — let alone how a student managed to make a bomb in a chemistry lab.


Hilariously, police officers started to dig a hole in front of the university's Memorial Hall, presumably to safely detonate the chemical.

A video obtained by the Newark Post shows a huge crowd of students watching as a loud and surprisingly percussive boom echoed through the campus at around 5:45 pm, followed by smoke and flames.

As expected, the crowd — dozens of students were literally waiting for hours with excitement — reacted by bursting into cheers.

"We don't really have any homework to be doing so far, so here we are waiting for the explosion," a student told Delaware Online.

And the Crowd Goes Wild

Of course, videos and memes of the unusual event started flooding social media on Wednesday. Footage shared on TikTok, which garnered well over 180,000 likes, shows the sizable explosion, while evacuated students watch on in amazement.

"GREAT start to syllabus week," one student wrote in their video's caption.

"Accidentally???" another chimed in.

"Girl that’s not a bomb threat that’s a bomb promise," another student commented on a different video.

Fortunately, life on campus largely returned back to normal with classes resuming this morning.

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