"As far as buying food and all that, maybe not."


The Bored and Hungry restaurant in Los Angeles has gone back to accepting good old fashioned US dollars as its sole currency.

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that when the fast food shop opened in April, it accepted digital currency as well as dollars — but that was before record-breaking market crashes that depleted millions in investor dollars and tanked entire crypto coins.

Now, the Bored Ape shop is no longer accepting cryptocurrency in exchange for vegan burgers or sodas. The LA Times said owner Andy Nguyen didn't respond to emails about the change, either, although a cashier gave some noncommittal answers and very little detail when asked in person.

Since the giant market meltdown, crypto companies have been laying off employees, and Congress even made the first moves toward regulating the industry for the first time in history.

No Worries

The report said customers and buger-lovers didn't exactly seem perturbed by the restaurant's backtracking.

"Yes, ethereum is a currency in a way where you can exchange NFTs and stuff … but as far as buying food and all that, maybe not," a crypto investor told the LA Times while munching down on ape-themed food.

The fact is that while, yes, the crypto market tanked there are customers willing to buy in. One startup has increased hiring and there's at least one financial planner out there telling clients to hop on board. Whether those folks get more than a meal out of Bored Ape is another story entirely.

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