"All cost considerations aside, how much power can we stuff into a little box?"

Bajaboard Pantera

Australian electric skateboard manufacturer Bajaboard has come up with an outrageous new product: the Pantera, an off-road electric skateboard with more than 10 horsepower it uses to scream along at a staggering 45 mph (72 km/h).

To put that in perspective: popular paved road electric longboard brand Boosted's most powerful skateboard tops out at 24 mph (38 km/h) using a 2,100 watt motor — and that's plenty of power already.


Electric skateboards are becoming an increasingly popular option, especially when trying to solve the "last-mile problem" — getting home or to work from the subway or train for instance.

Bajaboard's Pantera is a little different. The beastly off-roader is technically not even meant for public roads, so it's definitely not for everybody — though its range is also respectable thanks to a massive 1.1 kWh battery: 28 miles (45 km).

Raw Power

But luckily, the Pantera's sheer power is far more likely to be intended to get you up the mountain, rather than down.

"It was more of a technical demonstration than anything else, but we thought we'd make it into something that's available for a very niche consumer," Bajaboard's George Li told New Atlas.

Niche is the keyword here: who knows what could happen if you fall off an off-road electric skateboard while gunning down a mountain at over 45 mph.

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