You didn't know you needed a smart, self-navigating scooter.

A Smarter Last Mile

UK-based design agency Layer has teamed up with Chinese electric car maker Nio to create a smart scooter that can learn where you want to go.

Once "Pal" learns your preferred routes, the smart scooter can autonomously take you to your destination. On its website, Layer calls the scooter a "near-future prototype" that "embraces AI and machine learning to offer flexible and convenient 'last mile' travel."

It's a stunning example of industrial design that could make short-distance travel much more convenient — whether it will ever actually be sold to the public or not.

Truly Modular

A number of accessories can be attached to Pal's steering column, including bags, baskets, and even a shopping cart.

The battery is a sleek little pod that can be swapped out when needed. A smartphone app hooks up to the scooter's electronics while a small, barely perceptible display on the top displays the speed and remaining charge.

And when it comes to riding, all you have to do is give your Pal a voice command. The brains behind the AI is Nio's Nomi system, an advanced AI assistant for its lineup of smart electric cars.

This is just a prototype, so no pricing or sale date. But if you happened to be around for design week in Milan, Italy, earlier this month, you might've had the chance to see it in person.

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