The event promises to provide "an experience that celebrates Aliens and the Unknown."


According to a Facebook event, two million people are going to "Storm Area 51" on September 20 in the hopes of seeing any alien evidence that might be hidden on the Air Force facility.

Matty Roberts created the Storm Area 51 event as a joke, but it quickly drew the attention of millions of Facebook users, as well as the U.S. military, which made clear its intentions to defend the military base. And now, Roberts is using the event to promote Alienstock, a free music festival celebrating all things extraterrestrial.

Clearly, the netizens who RSVP'd to Roberts' event aren't actually going to attempt to take on the Air Force — but he seems to think they might be willing to gather in the Nevada desert for a weekend of music, art, and camping.

Lineup TBD

The fest's website claims it'll provide attendees with "an experience that celebrates Aliens and the Unknown."

One of the biggest "unknowns"? Who exactly will be performing at the fest. All the website says regarding the lineup is that "huge names" are eager to play for the crowd.

If you're interested in finding out, though, the festival is scheduled to take place Sept. 19–22, the same weekend the raid on Area 51 was supposed to happen, in Rachel, Nev.

But don't expect to receive a warm welcome when you arrive — the tiny town is apparently not happy about Alienstock, warning visitors on its website that the event "has a high potential of getting ugly."

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