Would you wear this in public?

Bubble Head

As pundits keep reminding us, the coronavirus pandemic is likely to shift social norms for a long time.

Now, a crowdfunding campaign by a startup called VYZR Technologies is testing the limits of what members of the public will do to try to protect themselves — by marketing a gigantic air-filtration helmet that it says will filter out the COVID-causing SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Nose Itch

The BioVYZR helmet seals off the wearer's head in a large clear covering, and uses a small fan to circulate air through an N95 filter. The company says it already has a prototype, and a single helmet will run you $171.

It's worth noting that it's unclear how effective N95 are at preventing the spread of COVID, though there's a growing consensus that they're at least somewhat helpful.

Special Delivery

All the regular caveats about crowdfunding also apply, especially with VYZR's ultra-ambitious ship date of May 30 for early backers. But, as the world buckles under the strain of the pandemic, many are ready to try anything.

Some members of the public have already taken drastic action to protect themselves from the coronavirus — even wearing hazmat suits in public, though experts have cautioned that the bulky suits aren't effective without proper training.

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