You get a Pokémon! And you get a Pokémon!

Catch 'Em All

If you've always wanted to create nightmare Pokémon species that look like almost any thing or person you can imagine, your time has come.

A new AI model, developed by netizen Justin Pinkney, attempts to turn any word or phrase into a unique Pokémon. The results might not make for a battle-ready partner, but people have been cranking out all sorts of bizarre new creatures. The best ones so far are based on public figures and famous characters — and yes, somebody already made not just a George Bush Pokémon but a Hello Kitty one. Frankly, we're here for it.

Round Again

The bot's creator is aware that the artificial intelligence program isn't perfect, and seems committed to stamping out some of its bugs.

"Looks like my Pokémon generator is getting some attention," Pinkney said online earlier today. "Lots of interesting examples in the replies to this. It's curious how much it like[s] to generate the circular Pokémon."

As for how the bot handles those aforementioned political Pokémon? Sometimes they're not half bad. Pinkney shared some of his own prompts, and one of them also includes a Pokémon based on the famous "Girl With a Pearl Earring" painting.

We couldn't resist trying out own. Folks... here's Elon Musk as a Pokémon:

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