Not gonna lie, these are pretty amazing.

Jodorowsky's AI

Imagine, if you will, an 80s version of "The Matrix" filmed by "El Topo" director Alejandro Jodorowsky and starring Jeff Goldblum as Morpheus, Viggo Mortensen as Neo, Tommy Lee Jones as Agent Smith, and Sharon Stone as Trinity.

With the help of artificial intelligence, a team of self-described "passionate science fiction enthusiasts" who publish Infinite Odyssey — which they're calling the world's first AI-created magazine — has brought that stunning vision to life in Instagram posts that feature the fantastical sci-fi art almost realistic enough to fool a casual viewer.

Hand It To Them

As with most of the computer-generated dreamscapes being brought to life by algorithms these days, these otherwise-stunning visuals suffer from a few key, shall we say, physical discrepancies that show the AI artist's hand — quite literally, in this case, given that here and elsewhere, the hands often creepily feature way too many fingers.

What sets apart these nonexistent stills from "Jodorowsky's Matrix," however, is the singularity of the vision by the humans that directed the algorithms to execute it. The attention to character arcs makes the inclusion of actors like Goldblum as Morpheus and Mortensen as Neo nearly perfect, and the addition of stars like Yoko Ono as The Oracle and Rutger Hauer as The Twins fills it out all the more so.

We've reached out to Infinite Odyssey for comment about that incredible "wish-casting," but haven't heard back yet. Its website, however, declares that the magazine's mission is the creation of "human-less" art and literature, which is as fascinating as it is freaky.

Given that AI still suffers from the age-old problem of having difficulty painting hands, it'll still be a while yet before it replaces human creatives — and while it's on its way there, there's no harm in us marveling at what the algorithms spit out.

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