And then it sells body pillows of them for $90. We are so sorry.


Before you read another word, Futurism would like to apologize for what you are about to read.

With that out of the way, let's talk about a site called "Waifu Labs," which uses artificial intelligence to generate the anime-style paramours of your dreams.

The website presents users with a grid of 16 anime women — some suggestive, some with animal ears, and many unsettlingly childlike — that were generated by AI. As the user picks their favorites, the AI hones in their anime babe preferences, ultimately offering them the chance to buy a picture printed onto a person-sized pillow for $90.

Stepping Back

Let's get you some context before you find yourself innocently googling your way into a dark corner of the internet: the concept of a waifu is based on the Japanese borrowing of the word "wife", and used by a particular type of anime superfans who declare fictional characters to be their significant others.

Waifu Labs calls its creation the "Waifu Vending Machine." The idea is to replace waifu-drawing artists with AI to better cater to each person's individual interests. Thankfully, Synced Review reports that the engineers took extra steps to keep the AI from making X-rated images.

New Family

To add an incestuous twist, at the end of a Waifu Labs session, the user is presented with a "certificate of adoption" for their unholy creation.

Feasibly, they could pair it with that site that turns selfies into anime portraits to create their own little family with their new… bride? Child? Child-bride? We give up.

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