Is it time to log off?

Today, Elon Musk took to Twitter to deny he was a furry. Minutes later, he added to the mystery by clarifying that he might identify as "fur-curious."

Here are six other things Musk could be dealing with.

  1. Running SpaceX, Tesla, and several other prominent future-facing companies.
  2. Focusing on SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, scheduled for this coming Sunday.
  3. Preparing for a court battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is working to hold him in contempt for Tweeting.
  4. Getting Teslas to "full self-driving" by the end of 2020, as promised a month ago.
  5. The constant strain of being held to account by the cruel and capricious media industry who hold him to the impossibly high standard that could only be fairly applied to someone capable of changing the universe's technological paradigms .
  6. Reaching the Moon, in his own words, "as fast as possible."

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