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In Memoriam

A Los Angeles-based visual effects artist who goes by the moniker Cinnamontographer has taken on the audacious task of forever enshrining an important cultural artifact in the form of a high-fidelity 3D scan.

Yes, we're talking about a frozen snack. In an exciting showcase of cutting edge tech, the animator showed off a dazzling, photorealistic rendition of a Choco Taco — the iconic ice cream truck treat that is being officially discontinued by confectionary maker Klondike.

Rest in Peace

The discontinuation of the treat has turned into a media sensation, with millions mourning the loss of their favorite ice cream novelty.

"Not the Choco Taco!" Late Show host Stephen Colbert lamented earlier this week. "It was the only dessert with as much real beef as Taco Bell."

But thanks to the technological prowess of Cinnamontographer, we can at least gaze upon the treat in perpetuity before it disappears from ice cream trucks forever.

"We know how disappointing it is when your favorite frozen dessert isn’t available anymore," Klondike wrote in a statement to a fan, as quoted by The Takeout. "It’s always a tough decision for us to discontinue a product, especially when we hear from fans like you that really enjoyed it."

It's still unclear whether Klondike is messing with us. It certainly wouldn't be the first time a mainstream food item was discontinued, only to be resurrected later to much fanfare.

But we're not holding our breath when it comes to the Choco Taco. So for now, we'll have to contend ourselves with a photorealistic 3D render of the treat — a chance to memorialize what has been lost.

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