And it's a Tuesday!

Ruby Twosday

Obviously, we're a site about the future. So we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that this incredible date is never, ever going to happen again, for the rest of time.

This rare date and time palindrome hasn't happened for more than a decade (remember 11/11/11?) and has been dubbed "Twosday" because, of course, it also happens to fall on a Tuesday.

Plus, the coincidences don't stop there. For instance, Scottish meteorologist Scott Duncan noted that at 2:22:22 PM in Spain, it was 22 degrees Celsius.

"I don't know what to do with this information," Duncan tweeted.

Even weirder: many have noted that Tim Weah, an American soccer star who plays for Lille, France, turns 22 on today of all days.

Check out some more of our fave memes about this bizarre, once-in-a-lifetime occurrence below.

That Makes "Two" of Us

The implications...

"Two" Cold

We'd take 22 degrees Celsius over two degrees Fahrenheit any day.

"Two" Cute

Certified banger.

"Two" True

UberFacts doesn't always get it right, but this is "two" cool.

That's The "Two"-et

That's all she wrote.

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