The Avatar of Tomorrow: New Face-Tracking VR Makes You Into a Pixar Character

This face-tracking tech really puts *you* in virtual reality

VR is really adept at transporting users to another world, allowing them to see and interact with virtually any kind of environment. As amazing as this is, it’s still not transporting all of you to that environment. The VR we have seen so far isn’t translating all your movements into that reality.

Thankfully, that is about to change. Veeso, a VR startup, is looking at creating headsets which translate all facial movements and feelings into a virtual avatar. The headset is rendering more than just your movements. Essentially it’s translating the very essence of humanity for a virtual world.

While tracking of body parts is commonplace, platforms that track eye movements and facial expressions are rarer. Veeso has infrared sensors to track your eyes, mouth, and jawlines. The data is then transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile device, which will then be rendered onto your virtual avatar.

Veeso is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. For better or worse, the company seems to be sticking to Google Cardboard. Using this platform allows for dev kits to be obtained for as little as $80, but also severely limits its graphics and gameplay capabilities. Veeso plans on delivering as early as December.

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