Scientists have developed microphones so sensitive, they're able to eavesdrop on a particle. And yet, the microphone you use for your daily audio needs probably hasn't changed much in decades. The AudioWow moves the microphone forward, packing not just a microphone but a whole recording studio into a matchbox-sized package.

A Sound Card Where You Need It

The AudioWow is more than a microphone, although it has a built-in omnidirectional mic that can be used to record almost anything. It's a fully integrated, self-contained sound card designed to sync with your phone or other devices through the included app and a Bluetooth connection.

Once you've connected it, you can go in, configure all your settings, and test how you sound before you press record, tweaking the EQ, adding effects such as reverb, increasing the gain, and other adjustments normally reserved for when you have a deck and a full microphone. It also has built-in, multi-level noise cancellation, perfect if you're a musician looking to record anywhere, a podcaster who needs to contribute an episode on the road, or a video producer who needs a clean track.

As it has a sound card and intelligent functions built-in, it can go further, live-transcribing what you say, for example, to create closed captions. This makes it perfect for phone calls where you need a complete record of the conversation. You can even drop a track from your monitors in real-time, so if you're not sure how the guitar is sounding, dropping the vocals to listen can be done live. It pairs easily with social sharing apps like TikTok for content creation, and you can even use it as a karaoke machine in your pocket.

The AudioWow is not only available for 11% off, you can save an extra $20 with the promo code AUDIO20 at checkout, making it just $139 for the whole package.

Prices subject to change.

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