While many of us are making our way back to the daily grind of the office, there are still more workers than ever doing their jobs from home, using teleconferencing and video calls on platforms like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, just to name a few. And they still have to deal with all the large and small noises and distractions that can happen when you try to use your home as an office. However, a miraculous noise-cancelling app called Krisp can put an end to unwanted noises, on both ends of the call, once and for all.

Krisp is an AI-powered app that removes background noise and echoes from calls and other online audio communication, leaving only the voices of the participants. It was named one of TIME’s 100-best inventions of 2020, and Forbes’ called it one of the most promising artificial intelligence companies of 2020. But you have to really hear for yourself how it works if you want to know how much of a gamechanger it can be.

Krisp: The World's Most Advanced Noise-Cancelling App


Krisp works its magic on both sides of calls and video conferences, and is compatible with hundreds of online platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Discord, and many more. It accomplishes this by way of sophisticated artificial intelligence technology that has learned to delineate signal from noise by analyzing more than 20,000 different noises, 50,000 different speakers, and over 25,000 hours of audio.

Those might just seem like numbers on a screen. But if you head over to the official Krisp site you can try the app for free and hear how well it works for yourself. That's not just a free trial. If you spend less than two hours a week telecommuting, the free version of Krisp is perfect for you. But if you're a heavier user than that, there are premium Krisp plans that start at a paltry $5 per year. And all versions of Krisp include features like HD voice, acoustic and room echo cancellation, low power CPU mode, and 24/7 technical support.

Not only will Krisp make your online calls and video meetings sound like they're taking place in soundproof offices, it has a few other enticing features as well. Calls made with Krisp operating in the background will have the highest possible audio quality, and Krisp can work in a low-power mode that will save CPU and battery usage on your computers and mobile devices. And if you have privacy concerns about syncing your online communications up with a third-party noise-cancelling app, you can put them to rest where Krisp is concerned, since it performs all the necessary audio processing locally without any of your data or audio being stored in the cloud.

Companies like GitHub, Fuze, ServiceTitan, and Amplitude already swear by Krisp and use it for all their teleconferencing needs. If you're a business owner or call center manager looking to use one of Krisp's team plans, you can try one for 30 days, no credit card required.

Basically, if you spend any time at all making calls or attending meetings online, there's no reason at all for you not to give Krisp a try for free right now. So click here to get started.

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