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Clariti: it’s like desktop folders, but smarter

Use Clariti to organize your life by topic, not by app

Jul 26 by Futurism Creative
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There’s one reason that businesses use software suites from Microsoft and Google to facilitate their work: simplicity. These companies allow users to toggle between different apps for email, video chat, documents and more, which lets a workplace conduct all of its work in one place. 

Well, not exactly. If, for example, you’re looking to collect various documents and correspondences for a recent hire on either of these platforms, you’re out of luck. There’s no folder that allows you to store related emails, calendar invites and PDFs all in one place. That’s something that only Clariti can provide

The aptly-named web app offers something that no competing organizational app can: it finally provides a singular place for emails, chats, calls, to-do, and documents. Clariti links all of your files by topic in TopicFolders, which is similar to a desktop folder but stores so much more. 

Let’s say you’re in the process of interviewing a candidate for a job position. With Clariti, you can store email correspondences with the candidate about the positions, chat messages about setting up an interview time, a calendar entry for the interview, a phone call with a colleague discussing the candidate’s resume, and a to-do list about everything that needs to be done to hire the candidate. This way, you and your colleagues can organize crucial data by topic without being constrained by which software or communication tool you’re using. 

For small, web-based businesses, facilitating information in this way solves two key problems. Streamlined entrepreneurial businesses are forced to juggle multiple communication tools while creating silos of information across apps that might be related to the same topic. Businesses lose productivity by having to switch between multiple apps, waste time searching for information across multiple apps, and rely on memory to determine who said what, when and why. 

If you’re interested in how Clariti works and want to know more, sign up for their Freemium plan that allows limited access to Clariti’s innovative features. There’s no credit card information needed, and Clariti pledges to always store your data securely. Once you experience the beauty of Clariti, you can determine the plan that works best for you and your business. 

Though Clariti is an app, it is a desktop-only service that works best on non-Apple operating systems. Because it’s browser-based, there are no downloads necessary, saving precious computer space by storing your TopicFolders high above in the cloud. 

Ready to clear space in your workplace for the next big thing? Sign up for Clariti today and start organizing your life by topic without being confined to an app.

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