In an attempt to automate their accounting and invoicing processes, Walmart will cut approximately 7,000 back-office accounting and invoicing jobs. The transition, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, began when Walmart did a test run of invoicing and accounting automation in 500 of 4,600 stores in the U.S. The move to automate proved advantageous, so Walmart decided to use the technology in all 4,600 stores in the U.S.


Walmart spokesperson Deisha Galberth deemed the automation a success and described the move as "quicker, safer and more secure."

7,000 jobs looks like a big number, but that's less than 1% of Walmart's 1.5 million employees in the U.S. Still worried that this is the beginning of robots taking all of our jobs? Stay calm. Walmart wants employees interacting in customer-facing roles. Therefore, these employees are being relocated to new roles. The downside? They may have to take a pay cut.

According to the Wall Street Journal, many employees affected by the change are already putting their resumes together and looking for a career change.

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