Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter yesterday to officially announce the October 15 release date for the Version 7 software update for the Model S, which will include Autopilot. The feature was first released on beta to about 600-700 early access testers earlier in August. Version 7’s Autopilot will feature auto-steering, turn signal activated lane changing, and parallel auto-parking.

The Road to Autonomous Cars

It’s important to note that Tesla’s Version 7 update will not bring full automation to the Model S yet, despite the Autopilot moniker. That said, Tesla is well on their way to fully automating their automobiles.

Back in March, Musk went on record to say that Tesla’s current line of cars have the sensors necessary to drive themselves in certain situations. According to the Tesla CEO, the Model S’s Autopilot features are geared more towards “highways and for relatively simple roads” and is not yet ready for more complex driving situations.

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