Tesla is set to revolutionize solar power in a big way. Earlier this month, Elon Musk announced that their highly anticipated solar roofing tiles will be going on sale. The initial announcement was sparse on details but promised that two of the four styles would be available for preorder. Orders are expected to be delivered in the US within this year, and overseas next year.

Those who jumped on the opportunity quickly are likely breathing a sigh of relief given the latest reports that Tesla has sold off enough tiles to be out of stock "well into 2018," within only 16 days. Electrek was able to confirm these reports, which originated from an RBC Capital Markets meeting.

Image Credit: Tesla

This is excellent news for the future of renewable energy. Developments such as this leave plenty of room for optimism, at least in terms of how willing the public will be to adopt such revolutionary technology.

While there may be a backlog of orders at this point, with the additional production from the Buffalo, NY Gigafactory and anticipated further expansions to more locations, there is likely to be a big production boost in the works.

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