Tesla is certainly the world's leading authority on electric vehicles (EV), pioneering research and development in the field. But it faces competition not only from western companies, but also homegrown Chinese companies.

Now that race has just gotten stiffer.

While Tesla has been slowly making its cars automated, Chinese firm Le Holdings Co., Ltd., also known as "LeEco," has announced a car that is not just electric, it comes with autonomous capabilities right from the get-go.

The all-electric concept car LeSEE, unveiled April 20 in Beijing, China. Credit: REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

The LeSEE, in a ceremony in Beijing, China on April 20, managed to drive itself out of a shipping container and onto the stage with a few voice commands by CEO Jia Yueting, spoken into a smartphone.

The front of the car features an LED loop that can be lit in different spots such as indicators or fog lights. The rear passenger doors, known as "suicide doors," open from a hinge at the rear, as opposed to the front.

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